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by MarketingFile 27. November 2012 16:23

Content marketing has been identified as one of the most important tools for generating leads and outsourcing brand awareness. It’s the new buzz word for direct marketers, if you’re not content marketing you’re not marketing. You have to ‘give to get’, providing value for your audience before expecting anything in return.

Content Marketing can be used anywhere and everywhere, from direct marketing to retail. It is a non-negotiable technique and is practiced everyday with every customer. Before you can increase sales or close sales you have to attract and inform. As the great American advertising and sales pioneer, E. St. Elmo Lewis quoted: ‘The mission is to attract, create and interest the audience for them to believe and take action’

This concept can be used for your direct marketing campaigns. To increase your return on investment:

• Attract:  the right audience with the right data. (Pssst...we can help by providing accurate and reliable data)
• Interest: them with informative content and eye catching images.
• Desire: them to stimulate the action to buy, by empathising with their needs. (Pssst....we can help you segment and profile data so it is targeted)
• Action: Provide ways for your audience to take action such as website and social media links.

We can help you communicate with key decision makers in your sector by supplying you with quality direct marketing lists and personalised unique direct marketing data advice.

A few quick tips on making sure your mailing list is going to attract:
• Find out how the mailing list was compiled.
• Confirm how often it is updated.
• When buying business lists make sure you are getting job titles as well as names, addresses, telephone numbers and company website addresses if they're available.
• Be as accurate as you can in defining the list selection or 'target audience' as this factor affects response rates.

Call 0845 345 7755 if you have buzzing content but need the data and mailing lists to make it happen.

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