Budget Friendly Marketing Tools

by MarketingFile 29. May 2013 11:00

Marketing is an essential part of every business. There are small businesses that operate solely on advertisement in places such as Yellow Pages or by customer referrals. If the business wishes to grow and the owner wants to bring on more employees they have to establish a sales marketing plan.

The first step to marketing and planning is to have the right tools to getting started. If a business does not have the most up-to-date Microsoft Office Suite, it might be in their best interest to invest in this software. Here is the reason why, Microsoft office has on their website tons of FREE templates and tools for businesses to download.

A business owner does not even need to be “computer savvy” to figure it out. Simply go to the office template site to download a myriad of free excel spreadsheets with pre-populated formulas for projecting a marketing plan. The templates also include pre-made flyers, buy ten get one free punch cards, and so forth where a business owner need only to click on a box and add the name of the business and the logo.

Once a business person has their financial planning down on their marketing budget spreadsheet, they can now brainstorm on how to reach their target market.

The second order of business is to determine what products can survive a cut in cost to promote a deal. Remember to get into the mindset of the consumer. If products do not have a deal or discounted price attached, it is unlikely to appeal to the target audience. People like feeling as though they got the “deal of a lifetime” when purchasing a product.

Thirdly, look to marketing blogs and business blogs. The internet is full of free marketing advice for small businesses to large corporations, a person need only go to a major search engine and type in the key phrase low cost marketing strategies or something similar, and they will pull up close to 20 million results. Somewhere in those results are gold mines of free advice that will fit any marketing budget.

Overall, if a company wants to improve their sales and growth opportunities they must market. It is vital to have a well thought out marketing strategy, so as not to waste time and costs to the business. Research, use budget-friendly marketing tools available through the World Wide Web, and then direct market to the intended target audience.

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