Beat the Christmas rush to get your message out there

by MarketingFile 18. September 2013 16:20

The countdown to the festivities has already begun, well in the direct marketing world it has! With some retailers earning more in the 10 weeks leading up to Christmas than the other 42 weeks of the year it is not a time to leave till the last minute when it comes to planning your Christmas campaigns.

You may not be in the Christmas spirit but with customers already considering where to shop online or what shopping centre to visit then you need to ensure your messages are out there for all to see!

We know what you are products or services are not specific to Christmas so why should I focus on this time of year, at MarketingFile we know that even if you are not offering anything explicitly targeted towards Christmas all businesses should use the opportunity to interact with their customer base and potential new customers. By sending out a personalised “Wishing you a Merry Christmas” message has many benefits such as:

A chance to be remembered – a memorable Christmas card will bring your business to the forefront of the consumers mind

Helps build and maintain customer relationships with the company

Start a conversation – sending that Christmas card may open opportunities for the customer to speak to you, which can mean more sales!

Your Christmas marketing strategy should be developed at least a couple of months in advance to ensure it is as successful as possible. Whether you are focusing on email marketing, social marketing, postal campaigns, or a mix of direct marketing activities, a thorough plan is crucial.

Data should also be an important part of your strategy, whether it is your own data or prospect data you need, MarketingFile can provide you with the products and services to plan and send your targeted messages through a multi-channel approach for everything direct marketing. 

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