Quality and Quantity in B2B Marketing

by MarketingFile 14. January 2014 15:58

Achieving both quantity and quality in B2B marketing can be difficult, but what if your company doesn’t want to choose which is more important? Plus you shouldn’t have to!

There is the usual cycle between marketing and sales, the start and end of the quarter focused on quantity and the need to get pipelines filled up, then the middle of the quarter when sales request more high quality leads as the quantity they are receiving is not converting – so what do we do?

Send more messages and hope the interested ones respond?

The traditional method of blasting marketing messages to your entire database is ineffective, as mentioned in our last blog personalisation is key when planning and implementing any marketing strategy. Whether you target a consumer or business face industry shouldn’t matter, there is still a person at the end of the phone or opening the email. Reading their own name, spelt correctly, and with information useful to their company is going to get a better reaction than “Dear (blank name – because your database is missing a first name!!),”.

Hope they come to you?

This could work; if you had the most wanted and needed product or service in the market! But let’s be honest even the multinational corporations still carry out marketing – so we don’t recommend relying on your customers coming to you first, especially in a B2B market where the choice and competition is just as fierce as a B2C market, we just may not see it all the time.

Getting the balance right

Ensuring the balance between quantity and quality is equal will help achieve your marketing goals, too much bad data may drown your pipeline and take up your sales team time, or too few good leads won’t make much of an impact. Utilising the essence of Big Data and enhancing your database for better analysis and insight of your customers will lead you to the path of success. Collecting as much information on your B2B audience as possible will increase your ratio of quality and quantity, and mixing this with a multichannel marketing approach can mean personalised targeted messages to the right people at the right time via the right channel.

Research carried out by Eloqua, CMO.com and Software Advice showed that the top three B2B marketing techniques are:

In-house marketing, Search engine optimization and Social media

From the same research it was found the most popular methods to get good -

Quality of leads is through:                   Quantity of leads is through:

In-house email marketing                          Third party lead originators
Search engine optimisation                       Search engine advertising
Telemarketing/cold calling                         In-house email marketing

The main elements for B2B marketing are in-house marketing (including email), SEO and then a mixture of lead originators, telemarketing and social media. Do not disregard traditional channels all together, they do still work, but to gain high quality with large quantity engage with your customers in an online forum where you are able to build quality relationships. 

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