Are your mailing list requirements being met?

by MarketingFile 14. January 2013 11:33

Choosing and using mailing lists is a difficult task if you don’t have the expertise. There are many data companies that provide mailing lists but the most important thing to remember is the QUALITY of these lists.

Finding what marketing communication channel you want to use will be your first ticked off requirement. You could use:

 Direct Mail
• E-mail
• Telemarketing
• Or a combination of them all.

Any experienced direct mail list broker can advise you of which lists will provide you with best response rate. A very important question to ask when buying mailing lists is how often the lists are up-dated. Finding a mailing list provider who regularly verifies their mailing lists and guarantees a certain amount of deliverability will be another requirement that can be ticked off. 

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when deciding on mailing lists:

• Who are you targeting? Businesses or consumers.
• Business databases are vast therefore breaking these down into chunks will make them more manageable. Selections are usually broken down by sectors such as geographical locations, job titles, company size or by industry sector.
• Consumer databases are usually broken down by geographic, demographics, lifestyle, household finances or composition, interests, investments cars driven and charities supported.
• Beware of faux bargains. Conduct thorough reviews of your mailing lists suppliers as this will avoid in the long run, poor response rates and wasted time and materials.
• Sample mailing lists. By sending samples of your mailing to different subsets of the list this will analyse the response rates. Once you have found the most effective version send your mailing to the rest of the list.
• Failing to plan is planning to fail. Before purchasing your mailing list have a rough idea of your deliverables, timeline and delivery method. Use your data efficiently and don’t allow it to depreciate.

Find quality reliable mailing lists!

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