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by MarketingFile 12. March 2014 11:38

OFCOM recently reported 94% of adults own or use a mobile phone, which is quite staggering when you think of it as a number: 48,938,249 (give or take..).  

So when marketers talk about mobile optimised websites and emails, the advice shouldn’t be ignored by businesses wanting to communicate their messages across to their targeted audiences.  

Whether you are business or consumer focused organisation ensuring your marketing communications are mobile optimised could mean the difference between a 5% open rate to a 25% open rate, depending on the audience, product and subject line. So why wouldn’t we all take advantage of this fantastic opportunity?

The resources and expertise investment to make this happen can be too high for some SME’s, we can also find ourselves being oblivious to the fact that the mobile trend is no longer an up and coming myth but is here and being used on a daily basis. eMailmonday stated mobile email accounts for 15-70% of email opens, imagine if your audience fitted into the higher end of that bracket? This would be a huge part of your audience who would not receive your email the way you intended for them to read it.

To mobile or not to mobile, that is the question?

Yes! With such a large audience available via mobile devices it’s an opportunity no business will want to miss out on. Over 15 million UK adults use a smartphone with 79% of users reading their emails, a higher percentage than those using it to make calls. And with the most popular activity on their smartphones being checking emails (78%) followed closely by web browsing (70%) these are high volumes of consumers who could be targeted with mobile optimised emails and web pages for your businesses campaigns.

Some other great reasons for going mobile optimised are:

Target your customers while they are on the move

Having a mobile optimised site gives you the opportunity to target your customers or prospects while they are on the move.

Improve your website conversions and rankings

Giving your customers the opportunity to access your website when they are out and about could increase your conversion rates and Google rankings.

Easier for customers to interact with your business

With your mobile optimised website in the palm of customers hands will give your businesses a higher chance of interaction.

Improve company image and branding

Making sure both your main website and mobile site are easy to navigate and consistent will increase your companies image and reputation.

Sell products via mobile commerce

Give your customers the opportunity to purchase your products via their mobile device, making the purchasing process easier for them. 

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