Are you in control of your data?

by MarketingFile 8. October 2013 08:48

With the launch of the Content and Trends Census 2013 from the AOP, Association of Online Publishers, last week it is becoming more apparent that publishers are losing control of their first party data. As online advertising is becoming more and more focused around data, it’s apparent the demand of data and consumer insights is invaluable to all direct marketing companies.

First Party Data

First party data is imperative to companies when targeting prospect customers. There are now fears from publishers that agencies will try to bypass them and use the first party data themselves and target consumers directly. However, agencies do not have the audiences and rely heavily on third party behavioural data to target their users, unlike publishers who already have a relationship with their readers, which is where first party data is derived from.

In such a fast moving industry, can we afford to lose control over the data we collect and use?

No, is the short answer. Any company who wants a chance in reaching their target audience at the right time needs to be in control of their data, whether it is first or third party collected.

Data fueling direct marketing

As data now fuels everything direct marketing, the accuracy of the data we are using in our direct marketing campaigns is ever more crucial in targeting campaigns to the right audience. Compiling the right marketing lists could therefore be essential in your marketing strategy. Whether you are targeting businesses or consumers it is the data you use that will determine the success of your campaign. Being in control of your own marketing lists is vital in understanding your consumers and prospect customer base.

You don’t have to be a publisher or collect first party data to ensure you are in control of your data, having insight into the data you own or buy will give you the power to manage your customer or prospect marketing lists.

MarketingFile have been supplying direct marketing lists for the past 15 years, with over 4 millions UK businesses, 20 million UK households, local government, school data, car drivers and major international company data we can help you with your B2B and B2C campaigns, providing you with full insight into the marketing lists you purchase.

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