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by MarketingFile 11. April 2013 15:35

Earlier in the year we predicted alongside current research that for 2013 the top three direct marketing trends would be:

1. Email marketing

2. Permission and segmentation

3. Sticking to your direct marketing strengths

To read about these direct marketing trends and what they mean to your business click here.  

We are now over a quarter of our way through 2013 and are adding to our direct marketing trends for 2013 so we can identify changes in market conditions and present you with data solutions that work.

For April we have indentified through our research the top three data trends we think you should know about to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Business Marketing Data
How good is business-to-business data quality? The ‘typical’ business stores data in multiple systems with different priorities, resulting in differing levels of completeness with the implication of duplication and serious inconsistencies. (D&B)

The need for quality business data remains, with requests coming in thick and fast.

Research suggests that more than 25% of named business information is incorrect within a year (Marketing Sherpa), 67% of B2B mail contains one or more errors (DMIS research), and 42% of CRM failures are due to poor data quality (Director Magazine)

Therefore, either ensure the business data you hold is cleaned or appended to maximise the return on investment. Or make sure you are buying clean and reliable business data from a trusted data company.

Customer profiling analysis
Knowing ‘who’ your customers are is not about guessing, but having the right customer analysis and consumer segmentation tools to understand who your best customers are, and where to find more like them.
The main reason to use customer profiling is to receive a higher return on your marketing investment.
The benefits of using customer profiling include:

1. Attracting new and profitable customers

2. Adding additional customer intelligence

3. Ensuring you are marketing the right offer with the right message in the most appropriate direct marketing channel.

4. Instilling loyalty, reducing churn and increasing customer value

5. Allowing you to plan for the future with confidence

European data
More companies are looking to cast their net further as the Ware Global Marketing Index Report states that European marketing budgets have increased for the first time in 11 months. European marketing data is in strong demand at the moment.
At MarketingFile we hold a specialised database for European business to business marketing D&B’s Marketplace of European Business. This database holds approximately 29 million European companies and 22 million executives across 15 Western European countries.

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