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by MarketingFile 27. November 2013 15:57

Choosing the most suitable direct marketing list for your marketing campaign can be a daunting task, especially if the data available is difficult to understand. Therefore we are conducting interviews with our list owners to generate some useful information to aid your decision making when choosing direct marketing lists. 

In this week’s insightful interview we are providing you with valuable information regarding the databases we hold at MarketingFile from list owner, The Schools Marketing Company.

We have caught up with The School’s Marketing Company Director; Veronica Over to find out what makes them ‘school’s data specialists’ and why their data could make your direct marketing even more successful.


Let’s introduce Veronica Over…

Veronica has been working within the data industry for over 20 years and started up The Schools Marketing Company just over 8 years ago. Veronica has been described by her clients as having ‘knowledge and insight into the education sector which is second to none’.


Who is The Schools Marketing Company?

They are the UK’s leading supplier of mailing, telephone and email marketing lists to named individual teachers and school management staff. With over 50 years combined experience in direct and email marketing to schools, The Schools Marketing Company can really advise and help their clients make sure the data will work the best it can for them.


Let’s find out how their databases could help you find new customers…

MF (MarketingFile) VO (Veronica Over)


MF: What sets The Schools Marketing Company aside from other business data providers?

VO: Here at the Schools Marketing Company, we only research and supply marketing data for the UK Schools & Education sector, it’s what we know and do best and what we have focused on doing successfully for over 23 years! We therefore know this sector inside out, which helps us keep up to date with all the changes happening to schools and teachers roles – meaning we know the types of data we need to research for our clients, so they can get the best results from their marketing activities to schools (which is what counts at the end of the day) and also means we have experience of researching and providing education marketing data to companies across almost every business sector.


MF: How is the school/nursery data you supply collected?

VO: We research and collect data from schools and teachers in 3 main ways:

1. We send out over 90,000 research surveys to schools each year, requesting and incentivising  schools and teachers to update the details we hold for them and we receive around 50,000+  updated surveys back (and updated) on our database per year, meaning we make over 180,000 updates and changes to teachers and schools details through research surveys per year alone.

2. Our dedicated schools research team cross check-all opening and closing schools with the Departments for Education across the UK on a weekly basis and check all individual schools, including Independent Schools, with their Local Education Authorities too. This focus on schools at an individual level, means we keep abreast of all opening and closing schools within a week of the event happening and we are updating the opening of Academy and Free schools literally on a daily basis – we even know which Academy and Free schools have been confirmed as opening in 2014 so far too!

3. We are the people behind the national Schools and Teachers’ incentive program called FreeLaptops4Schools, which offers Teachers and School Management Staff the opportunity to win a free laptop every week, simply by registering and updating their details with us on a regular basis. This incentive program alone means that Teachers make, or tell us to make, over 100,000 updates to their own details held on our database each year.


MF: What are the unique selling points/benefits of purchasing The Schools Marketing Company databases?

VO: The Schools Marketing Company database is the most up to date and comprehensive Schools database in the UK – with more updates, more channels of research and more experience of researching this sector, than any other commercial schools data supplier. This means that when advertisers select data on particular schools sectors, or particular school types, they can be sure they are getting the best available coverage every time.

We also offer many different data selections to help advertisers hone in on the best markets for their products and services, such as the number of pupils on roll (so you can tell how big or small a school is in terms of pupil numbers) their local authority area, what age the pupils start and leave at – useful when advertisers have products that are very age group relevant and of course school description types, so advertisers can focus on Academy or Free Schools, or Independent Schools, or state Junior or Primary schools and so on.


MF: Why and to whom would you recommend your school’s database?

VO: The companies that buy Schools Marketing Company data, market a huge variety of products and services to schools. IT Companies like the fact that they can target Named Heads of ICT/IT in schools, Training Companies can select named CPD/Staff Training Coordinators in schools, Furniture and Equipment supplying Companies are not only able to reach the named Site/Facilities Managers with their product offers – they can also target the Bursars/Business Managers or Headteachers from the financial and budgeting perspective too.

At the end of the day, almost any & every, product, resource, or service – educational, or practical – that is used in schools, is probably sold via direct or email marketing and lots of it is marketed using Schools Marketing Company data.


MF: How do you ensure you are up to date with all the data you collect from schools around the UK?

VO: Despite receiving around 100,000 research survey updates back from schools each year, and making almost 300,000 individual schools and teachers updates each year too, we still know that no database can ever be 100% up to date at any given time – but we do know that we make the most updates to any commercial schools and teachers list than any other schools data provider, which means we know we offer the most up to date schools and teachers database available anywhere in the UK.  It’s not perfect – no database ever is! But it is the most up to date and comprehensive database of UK Schools and Teachers available for the UK Schools Market.


MF: What criteria/selections are available within your database to ensure targeted data?

VO: Schools Marketing Company List Selections include:

A. Every Type of registered School in the UK can be selected - State, Private, Academy, Free, Special, Foundation etc.

B. You can select named contacts from over 80 different job functions in schools, including:
Bursars/Financial Business Managers, Heads of ICT, Heads of Sport/PE, School Secretary/Administrators, School Librarians, Sites/Facilities Managers,  Health & Safety Officers and many, many more job function/titles are available for selection too.

C. Pupils Numbers

D. Pupils Start and end age ranges

E. School Email Addresses

F. Telephone Numbers

G. LEA areas and all other UK geographic selections


MF: Who would benefit from using this database for their direct marketing activities?

VO:A huge range of companies market and sell their products and services to schools using Schools Marketing Company data including:-

ICT Product and Service Providers, Cleaning/Hygiene Suppliers, Financial Management Products, Sports & Gym Equipment, Stationery & Office Suppliers, Utility Providers – Broadband, Telecoms, Gas & Electricity - Catering Suppliers, Mobile Learning and Network and Wireless Technology suppliers – to name but a few.



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