All roads lead to E-mail Marketing

by MarketingFile 20. December 2012 09:13

How many times do you check your e-mails? Once a week, a few times a week, once a day or many times a day? The inbox is a very powerful communication tool, with 46% of people admitting they check their e-mails over 30 times a day!

Quick tip: It has been tested that Tuesday & Wednesday between 2-3pm are the most effective days & time for sending e-mail marketing.

There are some major advantages that e-mail marketing can bring:

• Return on investment can be tracked and is proven to be high when executed well.
• It is the second most effective online marketing tactic after search marketing.
• Advertisers can reach substantial numbers of e-mail subscribers who have opted in. You can e-mail to B2B or B2C lists, cold lists and current customer databases to build loyalty, trust & brand awareness.
• Gaining more targeted customer intelligence.
• You play your part in being environmentally friendly. 

Here are some top tips to create effective e-mail marketing campaigns:

• Always use opt-in e-mail advertising also known as permission based marketing or more informally the handshake protocol.
• Research shows internet users respond to plain bold blue text links. Therefore making your call to action prominent will enable your audience to take action easily.
• The power of personalisation will attract your recipient. Using ‘Hi John’ (if their name is John) will increase open rates rather than ‘Hi there’.
• Give your audience a one click opt in & opt out. Providing a double opt in gives your recipient the chance to confirm they wish to receive e-mail marketing from you, through confirmation e-mails.• Clean mailing lists will do the trick. Your first step to successful e-mail marketing is to gather clean and up-to-date mailing lists. Ensuring that the contacts on those mailing lists are interested in your marketing and most importantly have signed up to receive your marketing campaigns.

Fascinating Fact: 46% of UK online consumers made purchases after receiving an e-mail marketing message.

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