6 tactics on building a mailing list

by MarketingFile 10. February 2014 15:28

Relying solely on existing customers to provide your revenue stream will become very difficult after a period of time as their needs for your company may change and become less prominent. Bringing in new customers is the lifeblood to keep a business going. So ensuring there is a steady stream of fresh new customers coming through your door (or virtual door) is fundamental in growing your business.

Owning an opted in marketing list is essential to keep in contact with your existing customers for company updates or following up on a purchase and therefore building up a loyal database of customers. However, this should only be classed as a basis for you to develop further. 

Adding new customers and keeping your marketing list up to date is essential in not only saving money by ensuring you are interacting with the right person but also increase revenue streams.

Although there are many ways to build a marketing list we have highlighted what we think are the top 6 methods in building a successful marketing list. We do know all of these will not work for every company and you have to use what available resources you have, however if you are able to combine more than one of the below tips you will be on to a good start!

1. Keep it simple. As nearly every business in the UK has an online channel, at least a website, make the most of it. This is probably the cheapest and easiest method to collecting opted in customers for your marketing list. Host a capture form on your main homepage for potential customers to leave their details for you, it may be signing up to a newsletter or requesting a call back but once their details are entered they should go straight into your list.

2. Staying with the online thought, if you are a company which blogs or post content online give it a share button. You have gone to all the effort of writing something tantalisingly interesting about your company or industry and the idea is for as many people as possible to read it, and therefore the more it can be shared. By putting your content in front of people or businesses that have not heard of you is another excellent cheap and easy method in becoming recognised.

Your business doesn’t have to rely solely on the big world wide web to grow your marketing list, if you are B2B focused trade shows, conferences and seminars are a great way to expand your business marketing list. At many events there is the technology to scan attendee badges to capture their personal information which can all be included in your database. However, this information is useless unless it is chased up!

4. Social networks should be a priority for any company, growing your social group will be crucial in expanding your marketing lists and interacting with existing customers. The use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, plus many more, must play a major role in your marketing strategy and can therefore be linked in building your marketing list. Using a multi-channel approach in connecting with potential customers will boost your online brand presence and opt-ins!

Creating an exclusive membership group or club can make your customers feel like they belong. This is more of a retention strategy than acquisition; however it can entice potential customers to join. Implementing a communications strategy with a dedicated area or forum for your customers to talk to each other in a controlled environment can help your brand grow which in turn will expand your database.  

All of the above points are great opportunities to grow and build on an existing customer database, however we also know every company starting out or looking to expand quickly may need access to larger targeted files of potential customers. This is where buying a marketing list to help kick start your own customer database will help. Depending on who you are targeting, businesses or consumers, there are thousands of targeted lists out there to help you contact potential customers. This also doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think, with contact names from as little as 5p a record it will not break the bank, something every company should consider.

We have only included what we believe are the top 6 ways to build a marketing list, there are many more which include paid methods such as affiliate and pay-per-click advertising, or if you are consumer faced there are many in-store promotions and activities to collect customer information. Once your marketing list is built you will also have to ensure it is kept up to date and clean ensuring you don’t get on the wrong side of the law but also to get in contact with the right person.

If you would like more information on how to start building your marketing list please come and speak to one of our team today who can help you identify prospect customers in your area and make sure your lists are clean and up to date.

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