10 tips for direct mailing

by MarketingFile 21. August 2014 08:51

We know how important it is to get your direct mailing piece sent, opened and responded to in order to achieve your ROI. We also understand using direct mail can be more expensive than digital marketing, such as email, SMS or social, however with the right tools in place it can have a bigger payoff, plus it always help to use a multitude of channels for customer and prospect marketing.

So to help you out we’ve condensed the direct mail “must do’s” into 10 easy to follow steps, they are all equally important in ensuring a successful direct mailing campaign so read carefully…..

1. Begin with the end….

Yep, you read it right. Start with what you want to achieve for your response rate and ROI ensuring it meets your overall goals and objectives. This will then lead to available budget and what you can afford to send compared to number of recipients to achieve your goals.

2. Use data wisely

As a data company we know how important it is to get your data right. It could be argued it will have the biggest impact on the success of your direct mail campaign. Be aware of results when using cold prospect data to warm customer data, and if purchasing prospect lists make sure it is from a reputable company!

3. Offer something they can’t refuse

Your direct mailing piece has to include something your targets cannot refuse, highlight the customer benefits of buying your product or service not just the features. Making it time orientated can also help by giving urgency, but stick to the times you set.

4. Get personal

We’ve spoken about personalisation before and we cannot stress the importance when sending direct mail, use your targets name in the address and salutation. If you can personalise it further by targeting their purchasing patterns or send an exclusive offer they are more likely to respond.

5. Make it look amazing

The design of your direct mail will determine whether it is opened and then responded to. Therefore it’s pretty important to get this part right! Make it easy for your targets to respond, give them multiple options and channels to contact you on, or tell them you will be calling them soon.

6. Use customers feedback

Before rolling out to your whole audience, send a pre-roll out to test how targets will respond. Select a few existing customers and ask for their feedback, if they are loyal they will tell you how it can be improved.

7. Devil’s in the detail

Planning your direct mail campaign will help in keeping it on track and manage the project successfully. From point number one through to sending the DM piece quality check every stage, from data selections, design, print proofs and seed the campaign to make sure it all goes to plan.

8. Testing, testing!

A good direct marketer will know their mail piece can always be improved. The key here is to test properly, keep your control and test one variable at a time, this way you will know what works. 

9. How did it all do?

To accurately learn from your direct mail campaign you need to effectively measure and evaluate those results against your original objectives, have you met them? With direct mail it is worth waiting a week or more to see the final results.

10. Repeat the process...

You have tested, optimised, measured and evaluated your direct mail campaign, you will know what worked and what didn’t so have a go again!

So we hope you have taken on board all 10 tips for your next direct mailing campaign, if you would like any more advice or highly targeted prospect data for your direct marketing campaign take a look at some of our lists here, or call the team on 0845 345 7755. 

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