How clean is your data?

by MarketingFile 12. April 2017 14:39

An out of date database will cost you money. Our data cleansing services can help. [More]

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Print – The vital ingredient

by MarketingFile 17. March 2017 09:35

Print – the vital ingredient
Yesterday I attended the DMA event, Print – the vital ingredient.
The [More]


4 reasons why your campaigns shouldn’t be a one off

by MarketingFile 14. February 2017 17:13

Did you hear about the company who had an amazing response from their first mailing? The ones who ea [More]

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Is buying data really a bad idea for your business?

by MarketingFile 17. January 2017 12:57

Done the right way, prospect data is a cost-effective way to promote your business and find new clients. [More]

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Multi-touch campaigns vs a solus campaign. What works best?

by MarketingFile 13. October 2016 15:21

So what works best; a multi-touch marketing campaign or a solus email.Well let’s start a brief expla [More]