The secrets to good email marketing

by MarketingFile 15. July 2015 10:00

If you’re deciding to send an email campaign for the first time you may have read many blogs, guides [More]

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Get your subject lines in order

by MarketingFile 5. January 2015 10:00

Producing effective, interesting, curious, exciting and personal subject lines for your email campai [More]

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Email marketing simplified

by MarketingFile 1. December 2014 10:00

New to email marketing? Not sure where to start or how to make your email stand out in the crowd? Wi [More]

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Learn direct marketing from The Dragonfly Effect

by MarketingFile 7. February 2013 09:53

The original meaning of The Dragonfly Effect, authored by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith was used to [More]

Subject Lines are Gold Mines

by MarketingFile 10. January 2013 10:56

Whoever said that first impressions were lasting impressions were spot on!
The subject line in your [More]