5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Works

by MarketingFile 28. May 2013 11:00

Direct mail is one of the most powerful marketing methods in use today. There are few other marketin [More]

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MarketingFile offer the highest quality direct marketing lists

by MarketingFile 27. May 2013 11:00

MarketingFile is proud to be the largest and leading United Kingdom online supplier of direct market [More]

Creative the magic direct marketing word

by MarketingFile 10. May 2013 09:08

When we talk about creativity in marketing, Oreo win the creative prize hands down!
In terms of digi [More]

Reliable data can capture a customer's fleeting attention

by MarketingFile 12. April 2013 10:28

How do we know that customer attention is fleeting?
A report compiled by the Associated Press has fo [More]

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Learn direct marketing from The Dragonfly Effect

by MarketingFile 7. February 2013 09:53

The original meaning of The Dragonfly Effect, authored by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith was used to [More]