Key questions for your multi-channel marketing

by MarketingFile 24. November 2014 10:00

Connecting with your customers across a variety of channels creates valuable multiple touch points t [More]

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Designing Direct Mail

by MarketingFile 30. September 2014 11:13

When it comes to designing your direct mail piece it can be broken down into three sections; copy, l [More]

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How to plan a cost effective direct mail campaign

by MarketingFile 6. December 2013 11:56

Direct mail should be used to speak directly to your target audience. Sloppy direct mail irritates, [More]

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Learn direct marketing from The Dragonfly Effect

by MarketingFile 7. February 2013 09:53

The original meaning of The Dragonfly Effect, authored by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith was used to [More]

All roads lead to E-mail Marketing

by MarketingFile 20. December 2012 09:13

How many times do you check your e-mails? Once a week, a few times a week, once a day or many times [More]