How to find your prospects

by MarketingFile 12. January 2015 10:00

You’ve planned your strategy, defined your end goal and when you want to achieve it by, you may have [More]

Return to Sender

by MarketingFile 23. October 2014 14:48

Although a very well-known Elvis Presley song, anyone sending out direct mail does not want to see t [More]

Depend on your append

by MarketingFile 9. September 2014 15:31

We are all working and living in a rapidly changing environment, it’s a fact, and a very important f [More]

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The Trading Floor’s Explanation into “What makes consumer data superior?”

by MarketingFile 2. October 2013 09:08

Choosing the most suitable direct marketing list for your marketing campaign can be a daunting task, [More]

Special Offer With D&B and CallCredit

by MarketingFile 31. May 2013 11:00

Since 1998, MarketingFile has become the UK’s largest online supplier of direct marketing lists. Thr [More]